food sensitivity testing

Food Sensitivity Testing

One of our services at the office for established patients is food sensitivity testing. Through muscle testing, we test around 100 foods ranging from different nuts, meats, fruits/veggies, as well as a large amount of known food sensitivities in autoimmune patients. If you haven’t had it done yet, we highly recommend it because eating foods that you are sensitive to creates inflammation in the body. Inflammation results in pain, fatigue, bloating and, honestly, many of the symptoms that people have. We have seen joint issues, pain and swelling go away, skin clear up, people lose weight, more normalized energy just by eliminating foods they were sensitive too!

We DO NOT do this the first 1 to 3 visits because  patients are usually so inflamed and full of toxins when they first come in. Through my experience if we do it right away patients typically have a large list of foods they are sensitive too. They leave feeling overwhelmed and stressed out which creates more inflammation and problems. After patients have been on guided and specific support at the office (like a cleanse/detox, digestive healing supplements, etc.) they aren’t as inflamed and reactive to so many foods. So after a few visits, the food sensitivity testing doesn’t leave patients with a huge list of foods that they are reactive too!

If you have any questions at all or are an existing patient and want to schedule a visit please feel free to contact our office at 615-656- 3558!