Giving Birth: Baby & Co


I will always remember September 27th and everything that went into that day.

My little boy, Samuel, was born at Baby & Co in Nashville. It was the perfect place for us and I would highly recommend it.  If anyone is looking for the feel of a home birth but the option of being close to a hospital (plus no clean up!) Baby & Co. is an AMAZING option. Their rooms are like huge, beautiful hotel suites- so peaceful and relaxing. But if I needed medical intervention, Vanderbilt is only 5 minutes away! I loved knowing that if something went wrong I had that option very close. All the midwives we worked with were so sweet, encouraging and knowledgeable.

My labor went super well (sprinkled in with labor pain 😉) and lasted 12 hours from water breaking to finish. While I was in labor they periodically checked in on me, but in general we were left to relax until contractions got very close. Since I tend to be a private person, I knew if people were constantly coming and going I'd be thrown off my groove and my labor would've slowed down, so I was thankful for some stillness! Women who give birth at B&C are not hooked up to any monitors, either!  No beeping, no cords- so you are free to walk about (well...more like crawl 😉 around). My personal favorite was just lying on the floor! They did check his heart rate every so often but it was not invasive at all- and honestly with the contraction pain I didn’t even notice them!  When Samuel came into this world they left me to have one-on-one time and didn't take him away. I am so thankful they treated me with respect and support from start to finish by being my biggest advocate! 

It was truly an incredible experience. Looking back, I couldn’t have asked for anything better.  There is so much FEAR that goes into having a baby, but Baby & Co helps break down those walls. We are so lucky to have a place like this in Nashville and I am truly blessed to have given birth to our sweet baby boy there.