Breastfeeding mamas... mastitis is the worst! It feels like a terrible flu: fever, body aches, headaches and feeling like you've been hit by a truck.

At first I didn't know what was going on but the severe breast pain quickly it gave it away.

Each time I got it I was pretty run down- whether from lack of sleep, travel or just trying to tackle too much. Each time, I definitely had more sweets than normal the few days prior.  The increase in processed sugar plus my body being worn out created the perfect storm.  I know most of us can't help the lack of sleep with a little one, but you can watch your sugar intake and work to keep hydrated! 

Below is the perfect combination that worked for me.  I was sick and couch-bound until instituting a new regimen, but after following this I felt 60% better on day 2 and completely fine by day 3! 

  • Congaplex 9/day (works as a phenomenal antibacterial) by Standard Process
  • Mammary PMG- 6 to 9/day by Standard Process
  • Thymex 9/day (if the top two don't kick it in a day or 2) by Standard Process
  • NO Processed sugars!! Sugar feeds the bacterial infection and will only make it worse or prolong your symptoms
  • Make sure you are breast feeding/pumping the side with mastitis at least every couple hours.  It hurts at first and is no fun... but you will get through I promise.  Mastitis doesn't hurt or affect your baby and actually them breastfeeding makes it go away quicker!

If you've got mastitis or want to fight against it, stay hydrated! Try to get some sleep and rest.  Minimize your processed sugar intake.  And love on your baby as much as possible! :)