Giving Birth: Nashville Doula Services

I don’t know if you're familiar with doulas but they are worth every single penny. Doulas are with you throughout the birthing process to support you and your husband/partner. They've been to SO many births and know what to expect. With that experience comes support, knowledge and the ability to comfort you. They're job is to be your biggest advocate! Midwives and doctors exist to keep you and your baby safe. Doulas work to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

In one of my birth classes, I remember someone asking, "Why would you pay someone to be there during the birth?!" But from my perspective...Why learn the hard way and try to do things on your own during the most physically challenging and painful experience of your life?!?  If someone can support me and give tips, tricks and encouragement… sign me up!! 

Of course, every mom-to-be reads a bunch of books and goes to classes, but when push comes to shove... your mind goes blank. 😉  Doulas have witnessed so many births, they know what is normal. They're there to support you during labor and reassure you the pain truly IS normal. I know my husband felt helpless when I was in intense pain, but Sandy was there to reassure him it was all part of the process. She had all kinds of tools up her sleeve and knew great positions to try to help ease the discomfort. Something I wasn’t expecting about birth is how much of a mind game it is: you have to TRUST the pain is normal and a good sign, and try to turn off your mind and let your body take over. It's insanely difficult to do. 

Sandy was our doula from Nashville Doula Services.  I would highly recommend her! She is such a sweet, gentle soul and was there the whole time from start to finish.  She has a very calming spirit and presence, and her assurance that everything was going as expected was extremely helpful (especially when I thought there was no way my labor was going end!). She also helped Garrett and gave him ideas to support me. She made sure we were eating and drinking, which seems so simple, but it is something you forget to do. She was prepared and ready for little things you wouldn’t even think of. When I think about the day Samuel was born, I am SO thankful Nashville Doula Services was involved. Sandy supported me every step of the way and I can't imagine giving birth without her help.

If you are planning to have a birth at home, in a hospital or birth center, I would highly recommend it! Make sure to ask for Sandy! 😉