Flu Prevention + Immune Booster Protocol

Now that we are approaching sick season here is what I do to ward off those little bugs from coming my way! I see a ton of sick people and I find this helps keep my immune system in tip top shape and ward of so much junk from coming my way!

3/day Immuplex (1/day in kids) by Standard Process
3/day Congaplex (1/day in kids) by Standard Process

If stress is high I would also add in 3/day Astragalus by Nature Sunshine. This is an amazing product to keep your immune system up while stress is high!  And remember stress doesn’t mean just bad stress.  It can be great stress, bad stress, busyness of running from place or place too!  So just because you don’t have ‘bad’ stress doesn’t mean stress isn’t present!

If you are sick…
6/day immuplex (3/day for kids)
6/day congaplex (3/day for kids)
6/day of astragalus (3/day for kids)
3 Tsp of Silver shield by Nature Sunshine (can do more if needed!)

AND listen to your body! Rest, hydrate, don’t push yourself.

We hope you stay WELL this season!