My Pregnancy Journey: 34 Weeks and Counting (Part 3)

Throughout my pregnancy, I’ve had a team of people help me in various ways (and it isn’t over yet)! Along with Becca checking my supplements and keeping me in balance, which has been a lifesaver, here are some other people I’m working with for a full body approach:

  • Chiropractic. Dr. Rousseau at Kyd Kyro ( is amazing.  Yes, I am a chiropractor... but if you want someone who specializes in all things pregnancy and babies- she is your person.  Many people don’t realize how many techniques and specialties are out there, and without a doubt she is your go-to gal for pregnancy and postpartum.  Keeping your pelvis and ligaments balanced ensures an easier pregnancy, quicker delivery and helps to prevent breech babies!  While general chiropractic can help, it’s best to be with someone who is trained with specific knowledge on pregnancy and the growth of your child.
  • Acupuncture. Gil Ben-Ami in Berry Hill is the best. He is possibly the sweetest person on earth, and has supported me a TON with pregnancy. He’s kept me in balance with stress and life situations that’ve been thrown my way!
  • Baby & Co. We have been working with Baby & Co since the beginning and plan to give birth there. The environment is so peaceful and the birthing suites are like large hotel rooms. I know a lot can happen in the final days and even hours leading up to birth, but we are excited to use them!  They teach you so much and have an incredibly warm, welcoming environment. I feel so lucky that we have this option in Nashville!
  • Nashville Doula Services. My husband and I just started to meet with them, because I think it will be helpful to have someone who has seen birth many times to help support not only me but by husband. They were highly recommended by Becca, who first used the Vandy volunteer doula program with her first baby, and used Nashville Doula Services with her second one. I am excited to have their support, knowledge and encouragement- because it’s all a little scary... but there is a great amount of comfort in knowing they are there for us. Plus, they have post-partum care, which means they can help with breastfeeding and positioning and things I know very little about. Even if I know the anatomy behind it all, the less I have to struggle learning tricks and fighting my way through the beginning stages, the better!

I am sure I am forgetting people, but this has been our working team so far! I feel so lucky to have them working with me throughout this new journey!