Emotional Healing + Flower Essences, Part 1

We all know emotions factor into our daily lives and moods, but what many people don't realize is how much emotions can alter our energy and physical healing.  I've seen so many people walk into my office, seemingly put together and composed, but for some reason we don't see the progress I would expect to see. When this kind of roadblock occurs, there is almost ALWAYS an emotional factor or healing that has to take place before physical changes can happen. 

I am not a therapist, but I have found Bach flowers and flower essences to be beneficial aids in helping people move forward in the healing process. They are not meant to replace therapy or counseling by any means. They are meant to support and work in conjunction with counseling. Especially if a person isn't ready or doesn’t want to go to therapy, flower essences can really help initiate the emotional healing process. In fact, I use them on a ton of my patients who are therapists or doctors by profession--- we need help too!  They are fantastic on all ages and we have seen amazing changes in kids with their confidence, anger, frustration-- even sleep and belly pain too! 


There are suppressors (like me) who push everything down. We keep going, going, and going without taking a minute to stop and process our emotions. But just because we're getting through our day doesn’t mean the things we're suppressing are disappearing into thin air. Our bodies learn to navigate around those suppressed emotions and experiences, but we can’t truly heal or make great progress without processing, acknowledging and moving forward.  Some signs of suppression are fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, having OCD/perfectionist tendencies, having trouble loving ourselves or certain people in our lives. People who suppress look like we have our lives together and can handle anything, but often it stems from stuffing emotions down and not taking time for ourselves.  

On the flip side, there are those who are ventors (this can also be me in certain situations, for sure!). These people dwell on specific experiences and can’t move forward from a situation, person, or life event. They play things on repeat in their minds, from a scary situation in the past to a conversation that happened in the office. They can feel angry or sad, and can’t seem to move forward even after time and processing has happened.  We are so interconnected physically and mentally that if the mental side isn't healing we can’t expect to make major changes physically.  Some examples are dwelling on past jobs, failed relationships and marriages, not being able to process and heal from a death of a loved one, always looking back at the good old days, AND emotional outbursts of frustration or anger (especially see this in kids). 

We will dive into specific formulas soon (3 suppressed and 3 vented) but I wanted to give some background information on what flower essences are and what they can help with.  I am 99% certain that if physical healing isn’t taking place there could be an emotional link (without you realizing it) that is holding you back.