Emotional Healing + Flower Essences (Part 3)

This is a follow up to my introductory posts about flower essences, which you can read here!


Vented formulas are what I use for my ‘hamster wheel’ patients, who can’t turn their brains off and replay certain situations, anxieties, and thoughts over and over again. These people feel like their minds are running a million miles per minute. Often, they have low energy because most of it is going to their thoughts and not much is left over for the body.

Vented formulas help my patients think clearly, process and not let their thoughts run wild. It helps them respond to situations rationally and appropriately. You can take more than directed if certain situations are stressful-- if school makes your little ones anxious or you are going to drop your kids off with your ex… take more!

If you want to learn more about the vented formulas we have in the office, I wrote descriptions below.

Be Courageous (Vented Fear)

This is for people who have a lot of fears- whether it be a situation like public speaking or dropping your kids off at daycare; or if specific people (your boss, your ex) make you nervous and insecure. This helps people who are afraid to take the next step because they don't know what the future may hold. This is also great for those who have had a major trauma and it keeps playing on repeat in their head or they are constantly afraid its going to happen again (ex: car accident). Lastly, it helps people who rely on the advice and opinions of others and don’t trust their inner instinct. It helps people clear their minds and find courage to take the next step.

I’ve seen this work wonders for adults AND kids. Especially kids who are anxious to go to school, sleep in their own bed, go to swimming lessons, read out loud, etc...

PS- This can be helpful for infertility! It doesn’t aid hormones but instead works with stress and fear, which is a HUGE component of infertility.

Release It (Vented Grief) 

This helps people with the grieving process, whether it be something actively going on or something that happened years ago- such as death of a loved one or pet, breakups, divorces, or any losses in their lives. It helps people find the strength to let go of past situations (NOT forget- but move forward), and have hope and confidence in the future.  

I find this works well with people who aren’t able to ‘release it’ like the formula says.  They hold on to past situations, events, and even people who are not around anymore in an unhealthy way.  And the thing is, sometimes we try and try, but it feels like we CAN’T move forward because something is blocking our healing. This one can help unclog those situations.  It helps slow down the constant thought of situations or people, and allow our bodies to heal and move forward.

Keep Cool (Vented Anger)

This formula is great for those who feel easily frustrated, angered, irritated and have a short fuse. It helps to cool down the ‘short fuse’ and allow people to relax. It can also help people experience empathy and compassion. If you feel like certain situations or people bring out anger, this might be what you need. For example, my husband’s old job was incredibly stressful and time consuming. He would come home exhausted and short fused. He is normally patient and even-keeled, but his situation wore him down and his fuse got shorter.  This really helped him relax and rest at home until he got a new job and wasn’t under so much pressure and daily stress.

It is also phenomenal for kids who get angered easily, have emotional outbursts or temper tantrums, etc... Start them off at once a day, and work your way up if the outbursts continue. It may help reduce the amount of tantrums, and reduce the severity of their outbursts. It won’t make everything perfect, but will help lessen them.