Emotional Healing + Flower Essences (Part 2)

This is a follow up to my introductory post about flower essences, which you can read here!


I typically recommend suppressed formulas for people that seem okay on the outside but internally push feelings down, whether consciously or unconsciously. Suppression can create all sorts of physical and emotional symptoms such as anxiety, depression, OCD, IBS, hormonal issues, etc...

Suppressed formulas can cause an emotional ‘detox’ in some people. The first few days, you may feel more sad or frustrated, feel like crying, or feel fearful, but after 2 or 3 days you should experience more balance. Working with these formulas can be hard at first because tons of emotions might suddenly arise out of nowhere, but the emotional balance and calm energy after being on them for a few days is amazing. 

When I started using the suppressed fear formula (Be Response-Able), all these deep inner fears popped up at the weirdest times of day, even though they were completely unrelated to my life at the time. My husband didn’t know what was going on, and neither did I, until I connected the dots: it was Be Response-Able!

Moral of the story—the first few days might be super emotional. I wouldn’t recommend starting flower essences on an important day at work or school. These are great to start on the weekend or when you have some down time.

It is important to stay on these consistently. If you use them for three days, then forget to take them for a few days, then start again, it can cause a ‘emotional detox’ each time. So make sure to be consistent!

Anyways....I wanted to give a brief introduction to our formulas designed for people who tend to suppress emotions!


Find Strength- Suppressed Anger
Find Strength is designed to help people find their inner voice and strength. It can help those who feel unworthy of a situation, job, relationship, etc... or those who have trouble standing up for themselves. It is great for chronic people pleasers, and helpful for those who have trouble allowing themselves to feel anger.

From my experience with patients, people who need Find Strength tend to have mild anxiety that greatly heightens in the evening or before going to bed, when life quiets down and there isn’t as much to distract them.

Open Heart- Suppressed Grief
This formula is great for those who are emotionally shut down (aka people who have trouble with compassion, empathy, or even the ability to love). This can be directed at a certain person, situation or even themselves. They can have closed off hearts from past situations and have difficulty trusting others and being vulnerable.

In my experience, patients who need Open Heart tend to be closed off during appointments. In rarer instances, people who are externally happy test very well for Open Heart because they love other people, but cannot seem to love themselves. Recently, many patients who tested well for Open Heart have had trouble loving and trusting themselves because of a childhood trauma or past experience they believe they could’ve prevented (which is not the case at all).

This one can have an intense ‘detox’ phase. The first few days may feel more depressive and dark (not in everyone), but it truly helps people open their hearts and find love and compassion towards themselves and others.

Be Response-Able- Suppressed Fear
This formula is great for overly responsible patients-- list makers, those with OCD tendencies, and people who beat themselves up over things that are out of their control. It helps people realize their fears. It helps them understand what emotional issues are driving their compulsions, perfectionist tendencies and/or self-defeating behaviors.

This is the formula for which my body has a strong, positive reaction. I tend to be very tidy, like things in their place, even OCD you may say (shocked?!). I beat myself up when I don’t get everything done...even though I could never finish everything on my to-do list, anyways.

When starting, be prepared for fears to pop up that you didn’t know were hidden… I know this from personal experience!  Listen to your thoughts, try to process what you are feeling, and by that 3rd or 4th day, you should feel much better and more balanced.

Why would we want to use these if we feel like we are doing okay pushing it all down? Our body, both physical and mentally, has to find detours around everything we supress and push down. After weeks, months, and years we become run down, exhausted and emotionally drained and don't even know why. So these formulas help us process, heal and move forward and eliminating all those exhausting detours it had to make to get by!

If you want to try out flower essences, come by the office! I will be sharing about our vented formulas soon!