Switching Out the Plastic


Did you know that plastic is a major hormone disrupter and actually mimics estrogen and interferes with our body’s own hormone signaling?  This causes all sorts of hormonal issues for both men and women and can be linked back to PCOS, hormone related breast cancer, endometriosis, prostate cancer, thyroid disorders, obesity, and much more!!

Just think how almost everything in your house is stored in plastic.  Plastic water bottles, plastic wrap around our deli meet, cheeses, Tupperware containers for all our left overs, mixing bowls, cups, plates, toothpaste containers, juice bottles, etc.  I mean the list goes on and on.  You can't get away from it however you can simply change a few things that will make a big difference.

1) Stop storing left overs in plastic containers like Tupperware.  Make the switch to Pyrex or glass storage containers.  

2) If you have to store food in plastic containers DO NOT heat your leftovers up in it.  (The microwave is problem number one but I understand that's all people have at work.  Just make sure you don't heat your leftovers up in plastic or cover with plastic wrap.  Heat leftovers in glass containers and cover with a paper towel.)  Plastic particles (especially when heated) leak into the food.  When you pour your hot leftovers into a plastic storage container or heat them up in plastic those particles seep into the food.  You won’t taste it but that doesn't mean it doesn't do any harm. 

At our office I bought a hot plate where we can heat up food or keep things warm (great for keeping your tea/coffee warm too).  It takes time to heat the food up and doesn't zap anything to make it hot in 30 seconds (which is a good thing)!  (Add coconut oil if appropriate to keep things from sticking.  Plus you get your coconut oil in for the day!).  I know most of you won't be able to bring this to work with you but it’s an idea!  Ours cost maybe $20 from Target. 

3) Get glass reusable water bottles. Ditch the plastic bottles.  No one is perfect and I am not claiming to be.  I still drink out of them if I forget my water bottle but I make a conscious effort to keep it minimal.  

4) Save left over glass containers/bottles.  I have ones from tomato sauce, apple sauce, salsa, jam, almond butter- all of which are glass.  Peel off the label, throw it in the dishwasher and bam! you have a perfectly good glass storage container. (Just don't use these to heat up anything real quickly... use Pyrex containers.)

4) Buy yourself some mason jars to store leftovers in, drink from, etc.  They are perfect for storing soups, quinoa, cooked veggies, etc.  This is how I track my water intake for the day too!  I drink 3 of them everyday and if I don’t I know I didn’t get in enough water throughout the day.  (Just don't use these to heat up anything real quickly... use Pyrex containers.)

5) Get glass mixing bowls.  This is especially important for when you make or pour hot ingredients into them.  Remember when food is hot the plastic leaches into the food easily.  

There are so many other things you can switch in your household but just start slowly by getting rid of what you store and heat food up in.  Then move on to getting reusable water bottles and to-go coffee or insulated mugs (Get ceramic or double insulated glass ones... Teavanna makes some good ones). Then move on to switch your plastic cups, plates, bowls, etc.  Then go to your mixing bowls and cutting boards (get wooden ones).  Then get rid of those plastic spatulas (and get wooden ones). We can ALL be better but it is about---- Baby steps. Baby steps. Baby steps.  :)