DIY Hand Soap

Bronner's is a home's best friend.  Remember Bronner’s Castile Soap from the facewash post? Well, another handy tip is that you can use castile soap for hand soap too!

 You just fill ¼ of your soap container with Bronner’s Castile Liquid Soap (personal favorites are peppermint and lavender) and the rest with water. That is it! It makes for a nice and foamy hand soap that lathers really well. Simple, multifunctional, inexpensive castile soap for the win! Plus no added synthetic fragrances and toxic additives (avoid triclosan and triclocarbon listed in ingredients). Good ol’ castile soap will do the job!

Interesting info from Environmental Working Group

‘Anti-bacterial soaps do kill bacteria and microbes -- but so do plain soap and water. A U.S. FDA advisory committee found that use of antibacterial soaps provides no benefits over plain soap and water.

The main reason to avoid anti-bacterial soaps is its active ingredient: triclosan (and the related triclocarbon). Triclosan is an anti-bacterial chemical found in many consumer products, and it's nearly ubiquitous in liquid hand soap. It is linked to liver and inhalation toxicity, and even low levels of triclosan may disrupt thyroid function. Further, the American Medical Association recommends that triclosan not be used in the home, as it may encourage bacterial resistance to antibiotics.’

For the full article and more information go to: tips/tip-5-wash-those- hands-avoid- triclosan