Vinegar: A Must Have Household Item

Vinegar is my go to product for fabric softener and rinse aid.

It seems so simple right? I thought so too, but it works great! Vinegar is a must have for your laundry routine and dish routine!  For laundry, it reduces static, brightens colors, fights stains, and more.  For dishes, it will make them sparkle! Plus, you're cutting out so many unnecessary chemicals when using vinegar.  And no, your clothes and dishes won’t smell like vinegar. I promise. 

I actually ran across this when my washer was leaving spots on my clothes. After some research this is actually what washing machine experts (is that a thing?!) want you to use! Why?  Because fabric softeners contain paraffin (wax) which builds up in the fabric softener compartment and can cause issues.

So, go grab yourself a large bottle of vinegar and get started! And it is much more cost friendly than those expensive bottles of fabric softener or little bottle of rinse aid. A win win!

For Laundry
Add one cup to the fabric softener dispenser
For Dishes
Pour vinegar into rinse aid dispenser on your dishwasher
For hand washing, add 1 cup of vinegar to rinse water

Want to take it a step further?  You can also infuse the vinegar with oils or natural herbs. Check out this post from Hello Glow to learn more!