Allergy Season and Supplements

Allergies.  We all have them, and we could all live without them.  With allergies still lingering around, let's talk about what causes allergies and a few supplements that I have found to work wonders on those pesky allergies.

If you suffer from allergies this means your body is not eliminating out histamines properly.  The supplements below work on the histamines (allergens), but the real reason you are suffering is that your filters are pretty clogged up (aka liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, etc).  Working on cleaning up the filters will help you minimize allergies for the long haul versus having to take allergy supplements/medications for the rest of your life. 

Yes, even people we have been working with for awhile still have to take allergy supplements but, in 95% of the them, their allergies are greatly reduced from when they first started. 

Allerplex (SP)- Great for seasonal allergies and drying up mucous.

ALJ (NS)- This is great for seasonal allergies and clearing up mucous.  Are you suffering with pressure in your ears?  Then this may be the product for you. ALJ is also more of an herbal blend than Allerplex.

Histablock (NS)- Does literally what is says, blocks the histamines.  This product is great for people with allergies, but also those who suffer with general allergies all year round due to pollen, dander, dust, etc. 

Antronex (SP)- A sinus drainage product.  If mucous is stuck and cannot come out, or if you are prone to sinus headaches this is a great product for you.  This can also help with bowel movements and sore throat due to lymph node swelling. 

Each of the products above can be started a month before allergy season at 1 per meal.  If symptoms start to get bad, adults can go up to 2 or 3 per meal.  

Standard Process (SP)- Available in our office or through a health care practitioner.

Nature Sunshine (NS)- Available in our office or you can order online by clicking here.