At Tennessee Alternative Medicine we believe in allowing the body to heal itself naturally. Dr. Maxfield and Becca utilize kinesiology and muscle testing, whole food nutrition and supplementation, and gentle chiropractic care to thoroughly assess and address your health problems.

Kinesiology and muscle testing is an assessment technique that offers incredible accuracy. This process helps determine the root cause of any condition, as well as the right program to correct it. Our staff can test you against a number of stressors, including heavy metals, chemicals, food allergens, fungus, and bacteria. From there, they can use the data collected to create your customized treatment plan. All of our protocols are natural and non-invasive, but they also require discipline on the patient's part to achieve the best possible results.

Chiropractic care is what we use to address the structural balance of the body. The nervous system is the ‘master control’ of the entire body; if there are any issues within the nervous system, like misalignments, pain, or inflammation, those will have a direct influence on other systems and organs, as well. Not only does an adjustment bring your body back into alignment, reverse injuries, and prevent many surgeries, but you’ll also feel the effects it has on your sleep patterns, hormones, digestion, stress levels, mental clarity, and more.

Our team works hard to educate patients on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and understand the reasons behind their health issues. We don’t use medicine or surgery to cover up your symptoms; instead, we do everything natural to support your body and allow it to function as it was intended. At TN Alternative Medicine it’s our pleasure to discern what’s causing the problem, and to help you in whatever capacity we can.